How Do We Really Change the World?

Many people say that they want to make a difference and would like to “change the world” for the better.  They see the brokenness around them and there may be one or two things that will stir up some emotions enough to want to fix it.  Well, how can one person truly do something so monumental as to create change?

It all starts with a spark; some form of action which inspires others to act.  If you spend any time on social media, you can see the passion people have for a particular cause and the awareness they may be trying to bring to it.  Inspiration can come from many different sources but “inspirational action” is what it takes to create real change.  This doesn’t mean that everybody needs take on and solve a problem all by themselves.  For some, it may mean simply sharing an article that inspires you.  For others, it could be signing a petition or writing to their local congressperson.  There are still others that have been affected deeply enough to take more action, including donating their time and money to a certain cause.  Whatever inspires you we encourage you to become aware, get involved and take a little action to make the world a better place.

Our mission at Aware Movement is to simply be a catalyst for change.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing unbiased, well-researched, factual information on the issues that affect each of us in one way or another.  We will also provide tools and links for people to get involved at any level they wish.  We will not attempt to sway opinion or show any political favoritism in any of our articles.  Our goal is to only present facts and studies that will allow people to make up their own minds without being spoon fed a political agenda or having to be bombarded by sponsors or dealing with companies who are only interested in profits and ratings.  Aware Movement is all about promoting positive change through respect and compromise, understanding the issues and working together to make a difference.  Our belief is that we can accomplish a lot by looking at all viewpoints, getting better informed and then using that knowledge to promote common sense solutions.

Each month we will have featured articles on the critical issues we face every day.  Our categories will cover the areas of our society that have the most impact on us.

Life – Articles such as parenting, goal setting, bullying, suicide prevention, etc.

Health – Articles such as nutrition, chemical exposure, cancer, heart disease, natural medicines, etc.

Politics – Articles such as healthcare, education, entitlement programs, immigration, etc.

Environment – Articles such as pollution, plastics, global warming, pesticide use, etc.

Science & Technology – Articles such as stem cell research, artificial intelligence, electronics, latest discoveries, etc.

Business & Finance – Articles such as credit repair, investing, retirement planning, entrepreneurship, debt management, etc.

Please help us out by taking our survey, donating to our cause and spreading the word on social media with family and friends.  We welcome any feedback as we strive to always look for ways to improve on what we do.

Aware Movement – “Making a difference together”

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